Prodigal Sunn is an acclaimed member and visionary behind Sunz Of Man, the first group associated with the legendary Wu Tang Clan, along with fellow members Killah Priest, Hell Razah, and 60 Sec Assassin.

As the first ever group to sign with Wu Tang Records in 1993, Sunz of Man gained notoriety with numerous hit singles, “Soldiers of Darkness”, “No Love Without Hate”, “5 Arch Angels”, “Bloody Choice” and “House of Steel”. The group went on to release two albums, “The Last Shall Be First” in 1998, which was released by Threat/Red Ant Records/BMG. This project featured the hit single “Shining Star,” produced by Wyclef which also featured the iconic Ol Dirty Bastard and Earth, Wind & Fire. The album reached gold status and in 2003 they released another group album, “Saviorz Day,” which was executive produced by Prodigal Sunn himself.

After Sunz of Man’s worldwide success, Prodigal Sunn became an international sensation winning a Grammy Award in France for La Saga with IAM in 1998, and a VIVA Award in Germany for DJ Tomek, featuring GZA in 2001.

Admired as one of the most driven Wu Tang affiliates, Prodigal Sunn has many guest appearances Wu Tang artist and with artist not affiliated with Wu Tang at all. Prodigal Sunn is also one of very few Wu Tang Killa Bee members to be featured on an official Wu Tang Clan album.

In 2003, Prodigal Sunn formed his first company, Gods Inc., which released his first solo, entitled, “The Return of the Prodigal Sunn” in 2005.

Prodigal Sunn’s hard passion and charisma opened Hollywood doors with an appearance in “Sex and the City” in 1999. He also co-produced a Hip-Hop documentary “American Rap” Stars that featured Jay-Z, Outkast, Run Dmc and many other American rap artists as well as hosted the Hip-Hop documentary “Up and Above.” Prodigal Sunn also started his own show “The Grindz” where HipHop meets Action Sports with FMX gold medal champion & Metal Mulisha rider Ronnie Faisst. He Also ventured behind the scenes as associate producer of “Cougars Inc.” “staring” Denise Richards & Jim Bulushi.

In 2012, Prodigal Sunn had a guest feature on one of the most watched reality TV shows in France, “Les Anges” and released another mixtape “Hood Chronicles.”

For Prodigal Sunn, it is his fans that matter most. To have their continued love and support, Prodigal Sunn is eager to bring them the best music he can as well as merchandize, and a new clothing line.


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